Decided to sell my Tre k 1130 as I believe I have a crank problem and can’t go through taking the whole bike apart again .
anyway if your looking for those never to be made again parts drop me a message and I’ll get back to you with a price as soon as I can .
Things like …. Ecu. Fuel tank. Clocks. Clutch basket/plates, starter motor, alternator, gearbox , new style 4 hole injectors, front headlight, Benelli carbon hugger, Benelli carbon chain guard, DNA filter, TRW front discs, front forks with the Andreani cartridges. Sick speed sensor, mirror’s x2, radiator, water pump, clutch cover, front screen+Surround. Arrow Titanium end can . Ect……

Prices for each item To be arranged plus postage.

obviously they are all used but I will clean them up as best as I can before purchasing. I’ve added a recent photo of the bike in case you need to see where I’m getting the parts from ..
I’m really gutted I have to do this as I’ve had an awesome 4.5 years with her ! :(