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Re: tuneboy

Same thing here in Finland. I have to do it my self.
But its not a big problem, I hope to get help from
my friend. The BIG problem is, that so far as I know my
tre is only one in trafic here in Finland :p

Wayny from TuneBoy said that he has improved 6033 map for
better power and fuel consumption.
I hope, I can get it as a base for my tune.

Now I have 6033 map for TuneBoy.

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yeah, I spoke to Wayne re tunes, he has several for the RS. I'm the only one in West Oz with one apparently ??!!

Most dyno here wont use anything but a PC ecu module , bastards.

Still, I'm mainly after better throttle response and smoother running, extra power is a bonus

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Didn't realise the PC3 was out for the tornado - just posted a question on mapping on the tre discussion. I reckon this should make a big difference on fueling economy and a little more power. IF anyones fitted one yet especially in the UK let me know!!

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