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Wish my 2502c will give me some love,but amongst the clutch problem,i have started to install a powerdynamo kit to the bike,
but,there seems to be a problem with the wiring instructions,this being the bike is wired up to be positive earth and not negative earth
the instructions state conect the red wire from the rectifier to the pos side and the brown wire to earth or to the battery negative
but you can see there is a problem in that the rectifier will be wired both wires to earth?
they also state that the brown wire from the main unit must earth to the coil pack frame/mounting,again shorting it out
has anyone here fitted a powerdynamo kit to their 2502c on this forum,
i did wire up briefly as per instructions,not knowing that it was pos earth,and am concerned its damaged the kit somehow
i have contacted tola tools who supplied the kit ,and they said we only sell the kit ,and not make it
any help will be good here and hopefully help others out who want to fit a kit to their bike
We only sell the kit !!!! I'm looking into fitting some make of electronic upgrade,I won't be beating a path to power dynamos door !!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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