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I have a sachs adjustable rear shock on my amazonas which I'm unfamiliar with. Would the preload setting be the large black knob 😂 on the upper side or the silver knob on the underneath.
The reason i ask, well I'll tell you my plan. Firstly I'm planning a little camping trip so will be carrying approx 45kg (i am 90kg plus riding gear). I don't want to tiptoe with the extra weight, but wouldn't the weight lower it anyways, also i have trouble straightening the bike upright at full leg stretch on anything but a flat surface.
Secondly I'm planning to fit lowering links of 25mm.
Does anyone alter their suspension if carrying that weight? and if you mess with the back do you need to change the front. To be honest I'd rather not mess with it as it rides well as it is.
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