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Just tested the UPS circuit on the bench, and it works a treat.
Have a look at Engenia's Web Page to see the latest results.
I'll be setting it up on my Tre next weekend, for the final operational test. Still no connectors from Benelli / Facomsa though.
Time to get a show of hands - email me if you're interested.

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Re: Resetting Clocks - The Solution

Saloe & TornadoTre,
drop me an email (click on "Engenia" at the left) and I'll keep you informed direct.

Solution 1.
The cheapest would be to cut into the loom, but I gather that not many would be happy doing this. I would supply the box with 2 flying cables with connectors attached, and 2 loose connectors. The end user would have to cut the correct wires and attach the loose connectors.

Solution 2.
The best (and most UNLIKELY) solution, is Benelli supplying the original connectors so that I can make up the UPS as an extension cable. Easy to fit, but more work for me - I've got to create the full loom. Of course, Benelli haven't yet replied to Facomsa or contacted me, about this, so don't hold your collective breaths.

Solution 3.
I've toyed with the possibility of making connectors which will fit the existing ones. I think I can do it, but I won't be able to make them lock, so it may not be a viable alternative.

Solution 4.
Perhaps the best solution, is to install the UPS into each dash. JohnnyO has a box full of them, and maybe we could do a replacement service. This is probably the most expensive. I know it takes half an hour to dismantle a dash, and put it back together. Probably another half an hour to cut tracks and retrofit the UPS.
I don't know yet if I can fit the circuit into the existing space. I have managed to fit the voltage measuring circuit into it (this was version 2), but not the backup battery.

(edited 16Feb2006)
I've costed the first and last variants, assuming that there are 5 & 10 required. Prices don't include shipping or GST / VAT etc.
I have no idea what Benelli would charge for the connectors, so I'll give Solution 2 a miss for now.

Solution 1: AUD230.00 & AUD200.00

Solution 4: AUD260.00 & AUD230.00
(This is assuming that it will fit)

Email me guys.
Let me know which way (or even if) you want to do this, and I can go ahead, choose the most preferred, firm up the price, and take it to production.

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Re: Resetting Clocks - The Solution - Back on track

It's been a couple of months now, and no reports on JohnnyO's gearing changes, so I've picked up the ball again. Have a look at my website under the resetting clocks link.
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