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As per title, who has a riding style that you enjoy watching?

For me, my top 3 (in no particular order) would be ...

Makoto Tamada
I just love the way he seems to 'sit up' when taking a corner and not tuck in like the majority of riders do.

Ben Spies
This man is all elbows and has a riding style that (to me anyway) looks all out of control and a wee bit ragged. This man could make a bike look as though it's going faster than it really is.

Troy Bayliss
For me, Troy has a very relaxed riding style and seems to make riding a bike look effortless while still riding like a demon.

There were others that I'd considered like Niel Hodgson, Yukio Kagayama and Miguel Duhamel to name a few, but for me it's the three that I've listed above that sticks out the most.

I'd be interested to know who (if any) sticks out for you:smokin


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Now now Laurence;) I do like my food but not that much:eek :lol

I was looking closely at that picture and I reckon it's been photochopped. Look at the front wheel (the brake disc in particular) and tell me if you notice anything strange:\


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al,you dont have a scooter as well mate do you.If a was you id lay off the neeps and tatties and deep fried mars bars for a bit.....and go and see that gillian mckeith while your at it.:rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin

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Ben Wilson - Vivaldi BSB all elbows and knees

Capirossi - Ducati MotoGP - Little geezer, has to mokey around on it to get it turning....jus like me

Barros - Klaffi Honda WSB - Smooth as Dirty Den in a bucket o snot!

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Front Wheel

Yeah, I see what you mean Al, It's kinda oval!!!.....maybe he just applied the front brake a little too hard and squashed it a bit:rollin
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