1 of ONLY 205 (made) Silver beasties with SK Carbon add-ons
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Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Sadly, I'm really thinking of letting her go as an unused trinket. The chestcutters in Stoke to fit a carbon aortic valve has left me the legacy of a permanently done up tight chest and achey shoulder cradle if I work it too much. Has had a RH mirror repair due to falling off the side stand onto my lawn which is unoticeable with a paint blow over. A few tiny marks here and there with very minimal paint blooming. A few marks on the left upper stanchion anodizing. I'm being uber-critical here but totally honest. New Diablo boots in her first summer with me. SK carbon blingies include air tube covers and all 4 fairing inners. Totally unmolested bike and I've only done 1,379 on her since acquiring. I've attached her provenance for interested parties to peruse if they're interested. Unfortunately, my electric blue Piaggio X9 250SL is a far more sedate and manageable garage companion.