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Yep, thought i would ride the bike into uni today, park it just outside the garage on the recycled brick driveway as I'm locking the garage up, just so happens a corner of the brick it was on decides to crumble and I'm greeted with the "crunch" as I'm in the garage getting my helmet :\ Damages looks to be ,

snapped off clip on on left side, the handlebar is a cast intem then it goes into the milled/billet fork clamp, Can i realistically expect to be able to eazi-out the remaining bit and push fit a new bar in?

Clutch lever bent ninety degree's forward, depending on the Benelli price, I may go original, a Aprilia rs250 one or order one from red racing in Italy, Isnt the non -adjustable one a duke part too?

Mirrors totally snapped off, Johnno asures me their in stock, so I'll just have to wear that, although i understand it wont be cheap.

Bit more rubber off the gear lever, not worried about it as I'm going to rip it all off and dip it in liquid urethane.

left fairing scratched all over the Benelli decal, two tiny nicks in the Black "sticker" that form the black lower half, will need repainting at least.

Rear ducktail, left side, area the size of my thumb print chipped and scratched. re-paint too.

Excess with insurance (western QBE) is $500.00, so it looks as if I'll have to decide later todayto make a claim or pay for it myself once i get the parts quote for the local dealer

Looks as If i should have done Errols sidestand mod sooner, I'll be purchasing a re-usable cable tie to have the front brake on when left unattended from now on :(

Last day of uni for a month tomorrow, was looking forward to get out on her, frigging pipe dream now !!!!!!!!


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Damn Nath, so sorry to hear this! Hope you can get it all fixed without too much hassle....

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Re: thanks

cheers for the smile;)
Not a problem Nath;) That is a real downer though huh? Keep us informed on your progress mate and fingers crossed that it won't be too long before you're back on the road.:\


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Bike stand

Big Al thats some seriously funny sh*t there mate.

Ere its a suicide stand mines done it twice now. The first time the very next day after getting my bike and yes all the same damage as you explained


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Re: Bike stand

Ironically, before I got hit by the Dodge, mine dropped on a downhill spot when I parked it.

I started to get off of it as I let the front brake off and the slack in the gearing caused it to move forward 1/2 an inch or so and the kickstand popped up.

Doesn't matter much now though. The Dodge made sure of that.

Sorry for your trial dude. Think on the bright side, at least a Dodge Ram wasn't involved. <img border=0 src="" />

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