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HALLO, I have ordered a new RS and have been reading thes posts for a while. I have a few questions i hope someone may answer.
Is the oil when new mineral and changed to syn at first service?
when was RS first made did first ones have oz wheels and later marches? when did they make yellow ones?
how do i know which map is installed and is there several maps for a RS ? does dealer have to plug in his box to know which map? are KJM the importer as motogb ltd in britain? are all 120 degree firing order or some 240?
and finally,is it possible to change the cam chain without spliting the case? ie at 15000mls in service book.
any advice apriciated!

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how do i know which map is installed and is there several maps for a RS ?
Colin, the map number is written on the ECU - right hand side.
change the cam chain without spliting the case?
Haven't done it (yet), but don't see why not. Just split the chain, join the new one to the old, and rotate the crankshaft. All will be ok if the valve timing isn't changed.
Another way is to lift the cams to close the valves, but then you have to re-set the timing. This is how the manual says it should be done.

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*I thought they all had OZ Racing wheels, I've never see any later models though.
* I think the factory made a handful of yellow versions just before Merloni folded.
* I don't think the Axone shows what map is installed, as mentioned, the original fitted map will be printed on the ECU, which should be 6103, I do not know of a newer one than that anyway.
* All engines are 120 degree.
* Yeh, the cam chain can be changed without even taking the head off, these bikes really aren't any different from a 20 year old Kawa engine inside. For some reason (design I expect), it appears that the cam chain is subjected to high stress, I would consider possibly changing it before it stretches, earlier if you ride very hard, and I'd replace it with the highest quality chain you can find, this goes for all Tornado owners.

Regards, John

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Hi Colin,
As far as i know they come with mineral oil to start with (synthetic is no use for bedding in & scouring all the @#%$ out). KJM aka Benelli U.K put semi-synthetic in at the 1st (1000km/625ml) service.
My own experience was that the oil went as black as the proverbial-more so than anything else i've ever had-so i changed it for more mineral at 300miles & took it in at 650miles. Bought a new oil filter (£10) while at KJMs for the service and am intending to leave their oil in for 500/750miles and do another change myself before it goes in for its 2nd official service.
As for the wheels ur spot on-earlier RSs had OZs whereas the later ones come with Marchesinis; forged Marchesinis at that! + we get the carbon front & rear guards n carbon heelplates +lightweight forged top yoke with the cut outs in it AND the trick Brembo radial calipers etc etc:rollin
I've got a yellow one (nrly 4weeks old now) and honest mate its a wee stunner!
Good news is-no problems so far. Sounds like a bag of spanners at tickover but smoothes out on the move. Paintwork is fine & it's started every time so far. KJM spotted that my indicator switch wasn't self centring to cancel and sorted out the warranty faster than i thought to ask for it, so a big up to them.

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Cheers Boys,
Thanks for replys,I think I will do extra oil changes even if it just makes me feel better !
the cam chain question was asked because i looked in a cd manual (ebay) and it just says "remove" but it looks like an endless. on a rebuild section they put case together with out chain, but i though standard would be endless. after looking again it does not look possible to unhook off end of crank, so split and rivet must be the way, any way I am not going to be doing one for a while! I am just finding out.
I may have more questions when I get my bike so thanks again!
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