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I have my bike on the lowest height at the rear (dont get confused with spring pre-load).

Recently I rode another bike, the same model, and the first thing I noticed was the seat was lower to the ground... actually a pretty normal height.

How can this be? Are there some differences?
Or, it was just which parts the Italians could find on the day, hmm.

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ride height different


The ride height front and/or rear was lowered more than yours

The spring preload front and/or rear was set different than yours

The springs front and/or rear were changed and are softer than yours

Maybe the tires front and/or rear are different than yours (with a smaller diameter)

Maybe the suspension front and/or rear has been modified (to lower the bike)

Maybe the sag on the front and/or rear has been set different than yours

Maybe the air pressure in the front and/or rear tire was lower than yours

Maybe the subframe and/or seat have been modified to lower the seat height

Maybe the springs front and/or rear have sagged over time; more than yours

Maybe a combo of above

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Re: ride height different

When I bought mine it came with a second pair of rear suspension link arms and they drop the back of the bike.
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