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SCOOP ! New models coming.

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Hey Guys, I just heard through official channels, of new models that are coming for 2007.

A 1000cc full-on sport bike, they are talking race quality, man I can't wait for it. I'm sure the factory has seen the MV1000, they know what they have to do to smoke it.

Apparently Benelli own the dirt bike manufacturer 'Vertimati', they will be releasing them under the Benelli name, coming are a 450cc motocrosser, a 530cc enduro and a 580cc Supermotard.
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Hmmm, one one hand this seems really good news but on the other the phrase 'learn to walk before you can run' springs to mind. Any links to this news Johhny 0?


Sorry, it's only verbal from the General Manager.

I think they have learnt to walk, you learn from your mistakes, I think they've learnt a lot over the last three years, do you think not? ;)
MCN Article

There's a small article in this weeks MCN regarding the announcement of the smaller bikes.

It also states that they are considering an 800cc bike for Moto GP for 2008 :eek and also WSB if they rules would allow an 1130 triple.

No, they are building a 1000cc bike for SBK
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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