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1978 750 sei
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an easy test for tank breather is to try to start when generally a ‘no-start’ condition. Then open fuel cap, wait 20-30 seconds and try again. If it fires right up the cap is plugged.

I’ve never seen it on a sei, but coils getting hot after sitting is a very slight possibility. Have you tested for spark when it does not start? Some ignitions can have issues after a heat soak- although I would expect issues when running also.

Do you still have stock ‘pointy ended German fuses’? Those are awful, the sei I bought new in the 70s has issues with it from the first day I had it. I tossed it and put one off a Datsun back then. For my current sei, I run a modern blade type fuesbox.
I also run relays for things like the coil and lights. All the power goes through the handlebar switches and those were not that great when new. But they work just fine if just triggering a relay.

I have aftermarket coils and electronic ignition, so I especially wanted to make sure I had good power.
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