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The RS is currently getting serviced and i expect it back later next week, i asked for a full service to be done at the 5000 kilometre mark just to check the state of the valves and so forth. Some things that haved popped up include;
Valves were done, will find out how they were,air filter was very dirty, replacing with a DNA, oil was pretty dirty, its silkolene pro 4 plus and 3500 kays old, so hopefully its just dirty and no metal, headstem needs a nip up.

Things to be done inlude new oil and filter, fuel line coupling etc.
Getting a DEKA Battery as per errols bike fitted, the replacement Yuasa (after the original dropped a cell after owning it for 2 days) i had in there, (cost about AUD$115) failed a battery load test and was kaputt after about 4 goes, dropped below 6V!!. Apparently ther was a super HUGE CCA Yuasa they could have got but it is just a tad to tall to fit in the bike, but the DEKA should do the job.
Clutch was inspected and is fine.
A selector mod was done to improve nuetral selection. I'll find out more about this when i pick it up.
Cam chain tensioner was inspected and a whole new assembly is being installed with a new guide. The original spring was 5mm too short!!!!!!!!!!!

All and all the mech seems very switched on. the local MV owners take their bikes there rather than the local MV agent. Hopefully take the Corsaro for a test ride next week :)
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