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In the immortal words of that great sage, Bilbo Baggins
"Lots, er.. none at all"

All you need to do is check that the major causes of engine failure have been corrected -

- clutch basket - intermediate gear is 8mm?
- alternator bolt is locked in place, and not just with locktite.
- your cam chain spring is long enough to do the job (see current thread on this)

Have I forgotten any fellas?

I've done 24,000 km on my 2003 Tre with next to no problems at all. It's been off the road for only 1 day in the nearly 2 years I've had her.

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just bought an 03 with 1800 miles and rode 180 miles home with no problems. I have checked with the dealer that sold the bike and spoke to the mechanic who worked on it. The register they have matched the registration and frame number, showing all recall work had been completed:

New clutch basket
New Gearbox
Clutch modification kit
New trip switch

This was done in Feb 04 when the bike had 900 miles on it. Being an 04 you may find the work above has not needed to be done, but i would definatly check this.

If you are buying from a dealer think about the value of the "warranty" they are offering. It will be just 3 months, so unless you plan to use the bike through the winter consider this as a bargaining tool to get the price knocked down. Unless you have found a private sale beware of the inflated prices some dealers are asking at the moment. I wish you good luck in your search, i have to warn you though, i have developed a permenent smile that makes people think i am some sort of religeous convert!


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one on ebay at the moment, at £3999 an 05 from DK. My bike was bought from them, havings poke to them a few days ago i can say they have proved very helpful indeed.

Worth serious consideration if you are looking.


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Risk it for a biscuit

If you buy one of these bikes then you will either grin like a loon or groan like a loon. I've been really unlucky with mine but others have been really lucky with theirs. Would I buy another one? No:(


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Re: Risk it for a biscuit

Buy mine its mint condition 5k 03 mental breakdown forces sale, swap ya for another bike dont care what it is if you dont have another bike were after a cat yeah a cat will do....oh as long as its not green and silver and born in italy!

P.S. if you do wanna buy it please dont read my post TornadoTRE help

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Re: Risk it for a biscuit

Yes just do it Andrew.
Hopefully like me, you'll get a good one & wonder what all the fuss is about(permanently crossed fingers, whilst sore, seem to work).
Would say however that if you're really keen then a split new one with warranty from a good dealer (worth hiring a van & travelling) is what i'd suggest.
Also if trawling through the forum which i reckon should become The Benelli Owners Bible you may notice that the RS versions dont seem to cop as much flak. Biased i may be but only speaking from personal experience with mine & what i've gleaned from others.
Best of luck & hope you join us.
Cheers, NJ

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Nice one Andrew:clap:

Here's hoping that you won't need to make much use of that extended warranty mate;)

A big well done and welcome to the family:jig:

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