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Hi guys
I have recently sold my TRE which was 03 registered and had all the usual faults, but still bought an 05 RS and I must say I have ridden it for 1000 miles and do you believe it have not one single fault (fingers crossed)!
All the old faults seem to be fixed as there are no faults on the clocks and gauges, the clutch has been fixed and it's a doddle to get into neutral and even the stand seems to have been slightly modified.

I did notice it has an American can on it which is slightly quieter than the standard but who cares! The only problem I have is with the Tuneboy kit which will not download the fuel map and Tuneboy tell me I need to purchase another program which I think is a rip off as I was told when I purchased it I would be able to use it on more than one bike. Will keep you informed of how the bike goes, but so far - magic.
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