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anyone know if benelli offer a thicker seat, after 500 kays in a day i think i ran the risk of developing a Hemi :D , if not can I get more of the seat material, bigger in area and have it reupholstered with another inch or so of foam

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kays and idle settings

I first rego'ed it august last year, it has about 3500 kays in the clock, not heaps . i get out about 1 or twice a month. normally a 200 kay jaunt up the mole hills perth has for mountains and back, actually I'll post some photos from my big ride early this year.

I'll have the 5000 service done later and I'll erh on the safe side and have the valve clearance looked at and i believe the clutch basket inspection should be done, i believe this is a inspection the factory supports?? apart from the clock trip thing I've never had a problem, the FI is a bit crappy though, I still get a high idle sometimes (even after Ive been rideing for hours)in first with the clutch in (at a stop, like traffic lights for instance) and it wont drop down until I select nuetral and if you even slightly open at the throttle on a cold morning you seem to bypass the warm up/ high idle setting and the ecu doesnt apply the faster idle???? Anyone else have this :rollin

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Don't you have an RS? The factory doesn't say anything about looking at the clutch, it is only applicable to early Tornado's within a set frame number range..... and they must be worked on immediately..... not at the first service!

Don't you have a Tuneboy altered ECU? What muffler and what fuel map are you using?

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yep the Rs, no clutch issues sounds good then, I have the tuneboy but all ive done with it is put in the 6105 map with can and plug taken out, did the same thing with the stock brown muffler and the 6103 map too, if i dont touch the throttle on starting when cold its no problem, open it a little and it seems to bypass the choke setting and i have to stand there manually holding the throttle

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sore butt

johnny o,
my tornado vin is zbntb00003p100628,do you know whether my clutch needs looking at.
thank you in anticipation.

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Bum Saver Alternative!!!!

Rather than go to the expense of trying to alter the seat, why don't you try a pair of those padded shorts that cyclists wear under your leathers?

They might help to prevent the 'numb bum' syndrome for a bit longer!!!;)

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Re: Bum Saver Alternative!!!!

When I picked up my |Tornado I was really concerned about the numb bum syndrome as I had to ride all the way back to Germany the following day. I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort it provided after riding a Suzuki SV1000s for 2 years, now that is a solid seat!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Bum Saver Alternative? - Corners. Lots of them.

Nathan, you need to come over to Canberra and spend a day in the Snowy Mountains. The last thing you'll be thinking about is how sore your bum is!

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hee hee i wish

Would love to put the bike on the Indian Pacific and freight it to Adelaide and ride from there to Philip island for the GP, one day soon i hope.

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Australian models for clutch inspection.

Hi Guy's, the following list are the Australian Tornado models that should have their clutch basket replaced or inspected (not all are done yet). I do not know of frame numbers for other countries but if the frame number is ending in a number lower than 497 then I would be checking with my dealer.

FRAME n.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ENGINE n.
17&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2009
27&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2014
28&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2022
33&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2014
58&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2056
59&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2069
61&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2081
77&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2091
161&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2216
213&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2251
214&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2243
215&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2247
220&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2248
397&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2467
402&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2455
403&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2451
496&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2565
497&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2562

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Re: Australian models for clutch inspection.

Nathan, we leave for PI on 13 September at 0800, back to Canberra 18th or 19th. Have a look at a detailed map of eastern Victoria. We'll be amongst the squiggely bits. You'll have a grin on your dial for weeks after. I always do.
You're welcome to stay in our spare room before-hand if you like.

John, my frame is 922. I'm assuming that post 497 is fine?
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