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My first comment on this site must firstly be a big thank you to Roland for administrating this absolute gem of a website.
My addition to this forum is to anybody who has any concerns whatsoever with their Tornado.
The 03 Tornado I recently bought was lovely apart from the fueling. It was so bad, I could only imagine that the ECU had been left out completely and the engine management was left entirely to the electronic demonly that resides within the 'instrument console'.
The man who has transformed this problematic bike into the fantastic fault free machine it is now was Russell from in Barnsley.
I cannot recommend this guy enough, splendid customer service you can only expect from a smaller Benelli dealer. Running a low volume bike, as we do, necessitates a long term bespoke dealer relationship.
Don't moan or worry about any problem with your bike, he has carried out every mod possible that can be found within the pages of this forum.
Give him a ring on 01226 284293 if your bike is anything less than perfect.
Does anybody else live around Cambridge?
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I can second the praise for Bennetts in Barnsley
Unfortunalty I had another dealer service my Tre and turns out they charged me twice as much as what Bennets would have (didnt find out about Bennetts till a month after I had it serviced !!)
I have emailed Bennetts several times with questions bout various bits on my Tre - and even though they have not had a penny from me so far, just from their customer service and attitude I will definatley be giving them some of my hard earned ££££ to cosset and service my Tre when the time comes.
Thanks to Russell at Bennetts -


I live right outside of cambridge.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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