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Starter clutch/gear noises again 🤔

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Still starts and runs fine and has been fantastic for the last 2000km.
Now I can hear a nibble which turns out to be 1 missing tooth on the starter gear which I only replaced few months ago.
Starter pinion gear looks in good shape.
When turning off. Starter clutch spins cleanly as far as I can hear so no damages there hopefully but to change the satellite gear I have to open her up again anyway.
Probably able to do this in my sleep by now.
I try to forget how many times.
I was questioning the play on the shaft the last few times I had it apart.
I also own the older version of the...
Thank you Lawrence for the pic
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So I was thinking to use the old version all that can happen is that I will break it.
I also think to maybe use a couple of 0.5 mm shims on each side of the satellite gear to decrease the play a small bit.
I measured the play on both engines it's hard to measure but it seems to be 2mm.
I am not looking forward to do this since I have been enjoying my bike tremendously the last few weeks.

Also I am already repairing a gearbox on my vintage Denpr K750.
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Thank you. Everyone be safe and enjoy the good weather.
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Oh lordy, that Dnepr is a BEAST. Friend has one too, it`s been a great pleasure to travel naked on the sidecar in the mids`t of summer heat wave. :)
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