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I have some issues with my clutch, it doesnt seem to "decouple" completely. So when pressing the clutch lever all the way in it still stays a bit connected and i feel the bike pulling forward. Also the clutch lever only seems to work at the very last part of its usage, so with my fingers nearly completely stretched.

Is this something i can easily adjust myself?


With the engine off, the bike in 1st gear and the clutch lever completely pulled in, i cannot push the bike forward :eek
In neutral there is no problem pushing it.

Any suggestions?

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Do you have the improved clutch actuating arm (steel instead of alloy) fitted on the left side of the engine?

The improved actuating arm reduces clutch drag (which is what sounds like you are suffering from) and makes neutral easier to find.

I'd get a mechanic to have a quick feel of it, if it is bad, something could be broken in the clutch, although I doubt there's anything wrong.

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Re: Clutch


I had the same kinda issues with mine until I emailed Johnny O and did what he has outlined below.

Courtesy of Johnny O

Remove the lower fairing.
Lean the bikes left handlebar against the wall, or drain the oil if you prefer.

Remove the right side engine cover, 8mm hex screws and two 5mm allen head bolts.

Set the cable adjuster on the left handlebar to the halfway point in the adjustment range.

While holding item ‘1’ in the below drawing, undo nut ‘2’.
With nut ‘2’ back-off, turn shaft ‘3’ in using an allen-key until you feel it ‘seat’, then back it out ¼ turn.

While holding ‘1’ and ‘3’, tighten nut ‘2’ until tight.
Re fit the right engine cover, as long as the gasket is not broken, you can reuse it. Sealer is not required, just wipe off any excess oil and make sure it is in place when fitting the screws.

Order of fitting the screws- install the two allen-key bolts first, do them up tight then back them off 1/8 turn, fit all the others screws and tighten them, then tighten the two allen key bolts.

Fine tune the clutch cable adjuster to your liking.
Re-fill the engine oil and fit the fairing.


If your bike is still under warranty then this job is best referred to your dealer.

What it now does is engage/disengage the clutch when the lever is much closer to the left hand grip rather than at the edge of the lever return.

Hope this helps.

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How can i see if i have the new actuating arm instead of the old one? Has anyone got pictures of it?

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Engenia et al,

Detailed photos on pages 151, 162 and 163 of the Tornado Workshop Manual (pdf).

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