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Oks gettin the gearbox/gear selector all fixed now - wow what a job. Thought all was good until I got off the bike. Swung my left leg off the bike with my right foot still on the peg and...SNAP! No jokes here I weigh just over 14st so I dunno maybe a one off a little shocking none the less. Anyone with a spare right peg willing to donate to the 'Deans skint - save his Benelli foundation?? - :rollin

:D Dean:D

Oh and forgot to also say I think my left wing mirror is cursed. I broke it the day I got it (punture made the bike fall on its side). Replaced it by KJM, 3 weeks after fitting the new one I caught it on the shed door and snaped the front base part, then at Isle of Man I dropped it again (only very slightly against some of that crash barrier stuff and it broke off. Super glue and a bit of screwing and she was good as new...until I put her in the van to my local mechanic (yeah I couldn't fix the 'box :\ ) and while taking her out I managed to literally just catch it on the off she went again. Come to think of it maybe its just me :|
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