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I was just wondering how other Sport owners had their bikes set up.

I've been playing around with the settings on my Sport on and off for around a month now. I've set up the front to have around 20mm and the rear 35mm rider sag (I'm around 94kg). Static sag is between 5-10mm at both ends. This requires the preload being wound right off on the front and the rear spring length being around 130mm. This is a far cry from the factory 7 turns preload on the front but the back is pretty close because the factory measures the spring length slightly differently.

I was a bit surprised that I had to wind the spring preload right off for the front but with the above settings the bike settles evenly at both ends when I sit on it whereas with the 7 turns of preload the front hardly moved. Still, this is a work in progress.

Damping settings are pretty much set at the standard (not sport) settings at both ends at the moment. The front being 3 turns rebound & 2 turns compression damping. The rear is set to 24 clicks rebound and 10 clicks compression damping (my shock doesn't seem to have 17 clicks on the compression damper knob as listed in the manual but only 12).

I ride mostly tight stuff with a fair bit of it being B grade roads. Most of the time I'm between 80-130kh and found that the sport settings were way too harsh for both comfort and confidence.

Well that's my lot for awhile :D

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