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Temperature gauge issue

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The temperature gauge on 2013 Tornado 900 reading off the scale above the red from start up. Bike not overheating but heard it might be a common problem. Anyone know of a solution?
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The rev A guage has that fault. Normally it resets to zero when the power is cycled though. Rev D fixed it.
Hi thanks for the reply. How do I "cycle the power through" do I just disconnect the battery?
Normally the fault goes away when you turn the ignition off & back on again.
There is a permanent +12V connection to the dash though. Easiest way to cycle this is to disconnect the battery for a few tens of seconds.
(This won't work if you have one of my UPS units fitted, but I doubt very much if you do. With that you'd have to disconnect the plug at the dash)
Thank you, worth a try
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