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KTM decided to bring 5 RC8's into the local dealer today, plus some other toys.
Took it for a 6 mile ride.
Bike feels very light, pulls like a train, suspension was firm, almost rigid. did note a bit of hesitation, stumbling of the fuel injection when riding in slow traffic or when turning from one street to another. Just as you open the throttle and then close it (off idle). Bike wants to lurch. Otherwise midrange to upper throttle response was very good and the engine was smooth for a twin. Engine noises themselves were very quiet unlike my CR. Power seemed to be very linear, no sudden kick you in the pants stuff. Just strong hard pulling, with wheel pattering the ground.
I think as a track bike it is going to be very good.

What I do not really like about it is, the rear number plate holder and indicators. But saying this most bikes have this issue. That's why they make tail tidies.After market tail tidy will fix that fast. And the indicators in the mirrors. This is a quick fix for track days though. Take mirrors off and indicators are gone as well.
Would I purchase a 1130 Tornado or a RC8.
Let's just say that I am very happy with my CR. :bow:
But out of those two I would get the Tornado. I believe KTM have a winner which means they are going to be as common as a 1098 or 848. Nice bikes but every one has one.

Price wise they want just below US$20,000.00 available in February. Personally this model I would put in the $16,500 to $18,000 price bracket. But hey it is still cheaper than most boat anchors.(HD's)

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