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this is a cut message from the german forum under benelli translated by google.
Basically saying only 25 Ti TnT's were made, no cafe racers, and a few sports and only half the expected TnT's due to the falling apart of previous potential buyers pre the china buyer. The 06 models are
slightly upgraded 900 Tornado
slightly upgraded 900RS
New 1134cc RS Tornado (?!!!!!) :eek , with ohlins suspension and steering damper & radial brembos etc and 165 bhp. How much better could it be than the RS suspension,?, best Ive ever had the pleasure to use, still bling it up ;)
New Tre-K
TnT slightly upgraded
TnT Sport slightly upgraded, new colours
Cafe finally produced
Ti TnT's with slight colour changes over what was originally planned
BIG News!, motors no longer to be made by Moto Franco Morini
And recalls scheduled for early 06, most likely wiring looms, clutches etc.

Already saving for me next one :rollin

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Italobikes article

With permission of Uwe Kilian here exclusively for italobikes as first:

> very honoured Benelli contract dealer,
> like you in the media, is BENELLI surely pursued on 1 October
> 2005 at the two-wheeler and engine manufacturers QIANJIANG/China sell
> however it came again and again with the reports to inaccuracies and
> misinterpretations. Therefore we would like you briefly over the actual
> conditions of the things inform.
> in the early summer 2005 supply and demand gaped far with BENELLI
> apart, straight regarding the celebrated TNT models:
> o the TNT 1130 Café Racer did not even go into production.
> o of the TNT 1130 Titanium were built only 25 pieces.
> o the TNT 1130 sport became likewise only in small numbers of items
> manufactured
> and was after short time sells off.
> o to Germany came only about half as many TNT 1130 as ordered.
> as could happen such a thing? A young company, the straight break-through
> had created, produced far less, than the market requires!
> afterwards we know around the reasons. The past owner wanted
> BENELLI sell and assumed it itself at the latest in April
> with one of the four prospective customers united would be. New projects like those
> Café Racer were put therefore on ice, production from cost reasons
> up
> a minimum driven down.
> it unfortunately came differently. A preliminary agreement burst, new negotiations was
> necessarily. Only they finally led on 1 October 2005 to the assumption
> through QIANJIANG - nearly a half year later than planned! And now
> calculated a new owner from China, a country, for cheap and
> for High Tech products does not admit is!
> nevertheless slowly: The QIANJIANG group quite understands something about the thing.
> it
> concerns one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers of China, with 8.000
> persons employed per year approximately one million vehicles and two million
> engines of 50 ccm to 250 ccm builds. The work is in Wenling in
> southeast of China, approximately 500 kilometers of Shanghai removes.
> QIANJIANG BENELLI transferred among other things therefore, over to Europe foot too
seize >. Production remains therefore naturally in Pesaro/
> Italy
> and this location is developed even to the technology center. Therefore
> the engines become future no more with FRANCO MORINI (Bologna),
separate >
> directly with BENELLI in PESARO produces.
> also the fear, BENELLI could diminish now to the cheap mark, is
> unfoundedly. QIANJIANG does not plan, its own products under that
> label name BENELLI to marked out. BENELLI becomes thus also in the future
> remain independent.
> that it goes, proves again upward the motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan
> (17.11.-20.11.2005), where BENELLI shows its whole product range and
> in addition novelties offers.
> - TNT
> - TNT 1130
> o in the comparison to the previous year change with this success model only
> details.
> - TNT 1130 sport
> o detail improvements and new colors.
> - TNT 1130 Café Racer
> o you goes finally into production.
> - Tornado 900 Tre
> o detail improvements.
> - Tornado 900 R-S
> o detail improvements.
> - Tornado 1130 R-S
> o new colors, 163 HP, OEHLINS Racing oEHLINS-Racing-Telegabel, radial brake pliers, price
> approx.? 22.000, -
> - Tre k 1130
> - BENELLI will present a completely new model in Milan. Leave
> it
surprise themselves >!
> - further information under
> IED653C1FFADC0B8BC12570A70049C9E1?
> the new owners also quite are itself the requirements of the
> European market consciously and it knows that high QUALITY for BENELLI
> highest priority has. Therefore a new quality assurance system becomes
> imported.
> natural come in the future some construction units from China; with all different
> manufacturers is long the case. It becomes however exclusively over
> parts act, those the image of BENELLI as Italian manufacturers
> not
place > in question. The brake assembly for example builds naturally
> further BREMBO.
> there the customer satisfaction for the new BENELLI guidance a very high
> value takes, becomes it in the next months some
> reequipping actions
give >. All well-known problems are to be eliminated thereby.
> I would not like to verhehlen you that also we as an BENELLI importer in
> summer of this yearly regarding the development with BENELLI procures
> were.
> since the assumption through QIANJIANG we are located nevertheless in constant contact
> also
> the new owners and we it is convinced of the fact that it one
> meaningful
> and successful strategy pursue. Here again their basic data:
> - BENELLI becomes its identity also in the future as Italian manufacturers
do not give up >
> - production remains in Pesaro/Italy
> - the quality is increased on highest level
> - recall actions for all older vehicles are for the spring 2006
> planned.
> - new models are already presented on the EICMA.
> thus the switches for a successful future are posed for BENELLI.
> beautiful would be it, if her itself of it on our exhibition booth on the EICMA
> in Milan (15.-20.11.2005) would convince!
> we hold you naturally further over all pieces of news up to date.
> Yours sincerely
> Uwe Kilian
> (sales directors)
> March vehicle selling GmbH
> Acherstr. 10
> 76275 Ettlingen
> Tel.: 07243-593011
> mobile: 0172-6487836
> fax: 07243-99415

Yours sincerely

Uwe Kilian
(sales directors)
Many greetings!
Bernhard Peintner
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