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:p :D So happy am i that i've started a new thread & no longer wish my pride n joy to be associated with my previous ramblings under OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?
Picked up the RS yesterday from KJM and have to say i'm well impressed.
All the paint is good (so far) & the forged Marchesinis are stunners. Add in the uprated motor/nice dash pack/carbon bits AND the extremetech strg damper & rear shock AND the radial Brembos AND.....yep, you've guessed; i'm as happy as the proverbial pig in.
Only downsides i can see so far are 2 items:
1/ The Dunlops: 208s yes-208GPs? NO! so they must be 208RRs i thought NO! In fact they are 208Fs (i may give them away to the first person who correctly guesses how many Fs came out of my mouth)-must have got them well cheap Mr Benelli! jeez you'd have thought that Italians would have stuck together and we could have got Pirellis.
2/ Purely a personal one this one: i think the pegs are pug ugly! horrible ball ends, wierdo shape and very little grip ribbing-any one else share this thought?

So, having put the first 200+ miles on riding home (with no hiccups) its happy happy happy.
Will try and sort out image hosting & get some pics up soon.

One last question to you all-my oil looks well dark allready-not like a jap 4cyl or even my Aprilia when i run her in-anyone else notice this?
I'm seriously considering changing it @500km working on the basis that <4l of good mineral oil is cheap compared to the good of my motor. I may even get KJM to put mineral in at the 1st service and continue to let it purge the internals for another 500km before i go on to using fully synthetic. All comments welcomed.

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i may give them away to the first person who correctly guesses how many Fs came out of my mouth

Quick edit: I almost forgot to say congrats on the new machine NJ;) As for the oil then I have to say that I noticed that too. My gixer looked as though it was running on honey when you looked into the window but maybe Benelli's like their oil to be like their women .... dirty:lol

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:) :) :) Much happiness abounds at chez Nig.
Changed my oil for more mineral @300miles and continued bumbling round Fife/Perthshire and a rumble up through Crieff-Comrie-St Fillans-Lochearnhead-Crainlarich-Tomintoul-back home (absolute 2wheeled bliss-even stopped for a coffee in the sun!).
Sad man that i am i took her back to KJM in the van (i get bored running in on the motorway & it'll make mi tyre square) last Thursday @650 miles for her 1st service. KJM spotted a duff indicator switch (didn't self centre ) & quick as a flash banged in a warranty claim-TOP SERVICE GUYS.
Now slowly upping the revs as she beds in; decided to go for an extra 1000rpm per 100miles so she's still always working. Must admit its nice to have the start of some midrange drive to pick her up out of the corners.
Still on the subject of oil, i think she's slowly improving, but i bought a spare filter at the first service & reckon i'll pull this batch at btwn 1000>1250miles leaving the next lot only a couple of thou to do before her 2nd service.When i dropped the first lot at 300miles i poured it through muslin cloth into the can and happily can report finding no metallic debris-PHEW!
Well i reckon this ramble should have sent most of you to sleep by now so i'll p off and have a beer
Did i mention..............

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:rollin Sorry guys i gotta mention the brakes b4 i call it a day-these radial Brembos are absolutely the dogs-i'm dying (<poor choice of words!) to see what they're like as the speeds climb , but just now they are superb-at running in speeds its like a bloody 2-stroke>close the throttle and pick a line OR if i touch the brakes i have to change down a gear! Used 3 fingers with the girlfriend on the back and well.....lets just say that i think i can safely put the seat cowl back on and unbolt the pillion rests again-all i've heard this week is mutter mutter i could see the front tyre mutter mutter not funny u can make your own tea mutter mutter you can forget that!
Ahh the joys of life:evil

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:rollin This is becoming surreal-mileage now up to 950 and still everything in the garden is good!
Picking up the revs so now running in at up to the 110/115 mark (add another 1000rpm on in 50miles time-yippee!)
Looking at cleaning up the arse end in the near future-possibly a modified tail tidy assy so if i get any joy will post the results asap.
ALSO: anyone else interested in carbon exhaust hangers? I'm making templates for an Akrapovic-style one and will be manufacturing soon so any interest just yell-will also post this in accessorieswhen nearer the time.
Cheers all & enjoy the summer.

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Carbon lovlieness

Sounds good to me NJ;) I could see that there was already something similar to what you're talking about on these forums but they were not carbon fibre.
If it means that I can get rid of the rear footrests on the bike then I may be up for one of these. Let me know the costs involved when you have all the details and I'll make my mind up then;)


Talking about carbon fibre .... jeez Laurence .... will you let me know when you'll take the spondoolies for this tank protector of yours:rollin

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Re: Carbon lovlieness

Hi Al,

There's no rush mate, when are you getting your bike back?

It sounds like KJM are happy with it by the look of one of your other posts.


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Re: Carbon lovlieness

Hi Guys
Ta for the interest in the exhaust hanger. Current update is that i've done the template-mate at the engineering workshop is now doing a stainless steel version which i'll fit & modify as reqd and then we're on to using that to make the mould from.
Hopefully 1st one should be ready by month end.
In keeping with a quality Benelli approach (& the fact that std bolts are gash) i hope to have these up for grabs with isolator washers and either stainless or titanium allen bolts so there'll be nothing missing (even going to have 2 short allens with dome caps to blank off the LH hanger holes-now thats showbizzz!).
Also-SOLID REPLACEMENT FRONT FOOTRESTS: 1st pair now arrived-excellent knurled grip sections & good quality-fitting mods being checked & production scheduled for month end. More news soon.
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