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From the Benelli web home page
"Benelli has recently noticed a flowing of visits to its web site, higher than any optimistic expectation.

Benelli has recently noticed a flowing of visits to its web site, higher than any optimistic expectation. Our Web restyling and spread of newsletter have allowed to reach 1000 visits per day with an average of 5 pages seen for every visit scored 13000 unique accesses in 12 days with a total of 68000 pages visited.
Furthermore , this result has been obtained without web promotion or advertisement on motor portals.

Sections of main interest have been our new bikes and scooters presentation.
The attention shown for our web release encourages us to continue publishing new contents and new services for our supporters, investing on web communication as primary channel between company and riders. During the next weeks we will develop other sections where fans will be able to express comments, opinions, proposals and to interact directly with Benelli.
It's good to observe the great interest abroad for presentation of our 2006 bike range . 70% of visits come from connections abroad: Spain, Germany, France, Hungary, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, besides obviously Great Britain and the United States.
An international appreciation of the prestigious Pesaro brand which is reason of pride for Italian mechanic industry.

We sincerely hope that new initiatives may rise web surfers interest and participation.
Stay on line.""

Good news for all of us :D

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Yeah, this is good news. Now if they would just fix their login registration page for the Community to include the US in the pull-down menu for "country" it would be complete. Or maybe they don't want any US Benelli owners in the community? ;) :rolleyes :p

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I sent an e-mail to the support address on the website and actually got a response.... :D
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