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As you probably know do I own a Tornado Tre. I bought this bike last year in august from a guy who had bought the bike in the UK. After 4 weeks the bike broke down (see my topic:
4 weeks after purchasing..... ) The toothwheel of the clutchbasket was all gone and the metal parts where all pumped trough the engine. Because of the fact that the bike was 25 months old and had no more then 5000 km on it I asked my dealer to do a warranty request. For two months I heard nothing so I decided to take some action by myself.
I contacted an Italian collegue of mine ( I work at an international leasing compagny) and asked him to contact the Benelli factory. I send him also some pictures of the broken parts.

My collegue got an answer right away and Benelli sugested to come to the Milan motorshow (eicma) to discuss my problem.
I had already planned to go there so I collected the broken part and went to Milan.
At the motorshow I met the technical manager and discussed the problem with him. He promised me that Benelli will solve my problem. (At that moment I was ery happy) He suggested that he will try to replace the engine on cost of benelli.

Back at home and several emails and weeks later Benelli explained to me that they could not replace the engine but that the parts needed to fix the engine will be delivered free of charge.
This sugestion of Benelli was in my opinion not a good idea because I didn't know which parts of the engine where all damaged.
At that time I sugested that Benelli gets my engine so they can repair my engine in Pesaro. I had to pay the cost for demounting the engine and the shipping cost.

Benelli agreed and at januari the 6th I brougt my engine to the factory in Pesaro.
One month later I get a phonecall from Pesaro. The message:
We have decided that you will get a new engine and you can pick it up. So yesterday I drove again to Pesaro (about 3000 kilometers)

In Pesaro I met the Benelli people and I got a brand new engine. I even had the possibility to get a look in the factory and I they gave me the chance to make some pictures.
I saw a full operational production-line (TNT model) where young and enthousiastic employees of Benelli are working very hard to produce Italians most goodlooking (super)bikes.

My conclusion is: BENELLI IS BACK and they are working very very hard to upgrade the customer satisfaction.
In my opinion Benelli will be in a short period of time the first class italian manufacturer that produces first class quality motorbikes

so enjoy your bike and remember: it will be tomorows collectors bike


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Good News

Hi Saloe, I hope you are well.

That's great news about the replacement engine and you even got a factory visit out of it. (pity about the travelling distance though)

Well done for your persistance!!!

I guess it also gives anyone else that's having a problem some hope that Benelli have 'turned the corner' with their customer service.

Any chance of posting some of the pictures that you took?

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Re: Good News

Ahh.. Good for you saloe! I am so glad for your good fortune and your positive outlook on Benelli. I hope that the new management can manage to undo the negatives from the old ones.

Thanks for the posting!

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Thank you Saloe for the post! It's a great story!!!

Please let us know how the bike runs after the new engine is remounted.

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Hi Toby,

I keep you posted about the progress of my bike. I almost can't wait to ride it because they gave me the engine of a RS (5 Kw more power)

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Great Story saloe. Goodluck for 2006, I feel it could be a good year for you

ps lucky bugger getting the RS engine!!! Still its the least you deserve!

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finnish story

Great story.
Just read an interview, in MOTOCICLISMO (the leading Italian motorbike magazine), with the Cinese benelli boss.
I can tell everybody they mean business.
By the way it seems they are planning to build 2000 quality bikes in 2006 against a known demand of more tham double .
Engines of course build in house to the highest standards.

PS : read elsewhere they are planning to take care of all existing customers as well.

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thank you saloe for those pictues!

I just realized that your Tre was just sitting in your garage for at least 6 months before they resolved this warranty repair issue. That's a very long wait! I am glad you are optimistic about the future of Benelli, and I am very happy for you about the RS engine trade up. BUT, this really goes to prove that you are a better man than I am... I would've lost my patience long ago and shipped my Tre in small boxes back to the Benelli factory if I were in your position. You are a very patient man my friend :D

Thanks again for bringing such positive energy to this Benelli community.

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Saloe your mapping

Saloe, remeber that you will have to fit the RS ecu map to your Tre's ecu now that you have the RS motor, also did you get a oil cooler as the RS's get?

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Re: Saloe your mapping

Thanks for the nice pics! Question: Did Benelli give you that cool engine stand that you used to take the new engine home? Much nicer than having to use blocks of wood!

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engine stand

Hi Ducboyjr,

Yes they give me that engine stand. It worked indeed a lot better than the blocks of wood.
When my bike is ready, I think a start a Benelli enginestand rental compagny:rollin

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I have added some new pics from my Benelli trip.
(my friend, who was with me, send me his pics. He made them with his nokia)
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