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The Tre has a tip over switch at the front of the air box. It is meant to cut out the engine if it happens to find itself sideways! Trouble is, Benelli used a mechanical switch that vibrated open at high revs, cutting the engine. This happened to me when I took a demo for a test ride. Simple to reset - cycle the kill (or power) switch, and she lights up again. JohnnyO solved the problem by mounting the switch on foam, and using a ty-wrap (through the existing mount holes) to hold it in place.

Heres the rub. Mine was delivered with the switch bypassed. Which of course meant that it would happily run sideways, until it ran out of oil and siezed up! I've since reconnected mine and mounted it the way JohnnyO suggested.

I guess this is a word of warning - Check it, or have it checked.

I recently discovered that, if you can tip the bike over far enough, with the engine off, but the main switch on, the temperature gauge will slowly rise to max. if the tip over switch is activated. If it is bypassed, that won't happen.

I didn't actually tip my bike over, I had the air box out at the time, so that was easy. Any way, if you can work out a way of getting your Tre sideways, without damaging the panels, the temp gauge will show you if it is connected or not.

(Another rider - my gauges are rev D. Don't know if previous versions show the same response.)
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