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Hi All,

New to motorcycling so apologies for any poor terminology in the following.
Got my new TNT125 a week ago and have been taking it slowly to get used to riding a geared bike having completed my CBT on a moped.
Had my best ride yet this morning and managed to navigate the streets around my local area without issue until i decided to spend some time practicing U turns.
I attempted my first U Turn on a slight down bank and managed to stall, when attempting to restart the bike the engine turned over but would not start. I tried a couple more times but had no joy so decided to turn the bike off and give it a minute or two which did the trick as when i turned the bike back on the engine started first time.
The problem i then noticed is that the yellow engine light displays on the console constantly so i immediately took the bike back home.
I tried starting it around 8 hours later and the engine still started first time however the engine light still displays.
Is this a common occurance with a simple fix or should i go back to the dealer to check this out?

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