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Hi everbody,

I'm yet another possible convert to TNT world looking for some advice from you guys.

I recentley found a nice clean one owner 06 TNT in a dealers in Perth and managed to get a test ride....and thats where my problems started! I thought it was a cracking looking bike but would probably be a bit of a let down to ride....boy was I wrong, it was absolutely brilliant!

Pulled like a train, cornered like it was on rails, sounded fantastic and was even comfy to ride. Everything seemed to work and the fueling seemed to be good without much in they way of snatchiness from the injection.

The bike looks like new and I cant find anything wrong at all. The dealer was looking for £6595 for it. I've managed to get him down to £6000 but he's digging his heels in now. The bike has just turned two years old, had one owner, has 3200 miles on the clock, and is immaculate in green/silver.

So what I'd like to know is do you think this is a fair price for the bike and did the 06 bikes need any mods or updates? Also is there anything else I should check if I decide to go for it?

The bike is at Sandy Bloy's in Perth, so if any of you are from around that area and know it or have any info on the bike, I'd be grateful for any help you can give.


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