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It would be easy for any of us to buy a 'Blade, GSXR, or R1 (generic) superbike but if you're like me, you bought your Tornado/TNT because you want to be different and loved the innovative styling/engineering.

If you had to sell your Benelli tomorrow and buy another, bike, what would it be? It might be a previous bike which you really wish you'd kept?

Although it's not particularly different, for me it has to be my 1996 Thunderace - I bought it new and it was my first litre+ bike. I did over 20,000 miles in 2 years on it in all weathers and I thought it was fantastic. With a dynojet it made 140.2 bhp at the back wheel (a lot back then) and it's the fastest I've ever been on a bike - 165 (indicated) mph down the Swallofield bypass just outside Reading against a GSXR 750.

It eventually ended up in a ditch after crashing on some diesel and was written off. :(

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Well, "generic" bike has generic advantages. I just got back from riding on my '05 Honda CRF250, got highsided (thank god for safty jacket!!) For the remaining time I rode the course with a bent handlebar... had loads of fun. Stoped by a local shop on the way home to pick up some replacement parts for about $200.00 And I am good as new.

As for my Benelli Tre? It looks great, but I can never ride it as hard as I wanted to. I've logged around 500 miles on it and I wanted to do a simple oil change, But I am still bloody waiting for the f-ing oil filter that I've ordered months back!!! Vanity! I fell for it! But I have no regret though...:D

Out of all of the road bikes I had owned (and sold,) I miss my Honda Hawk NT650 the most! It's a humble little bike with great potential for mods. I bought it for $2000 and sold it 3 years later for $2500 (back in its stock form without the aftermarket parts!) I actually made money on this bike! But I regret selling it.

Funny you should mention the GSX-R 750. I had a WR years back and the Tre reminds me a lot of it.

My list of TNT (or TRE) alternatives: Bimota DB5 Mille! Or the technically advanced Tesi, OR, my personal dream bike: the V-Due.

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