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I've found some answers to getting correct tuning out of the 1130 TnT motors, a piece is on, I have to find it again but basically it was saying that the original springs on the airbox flaps are to weak, and the flaps close up a bit under full load, thus robbing power, take them out as i think its mainly there for emissions control, also FaR Racing in germany has this on their site, its a google translation
"For the Benelli of three-cylinder models, particularly the TNT, we offer our customers in connection of a new vehicle purchase a special tuning package, whereby the changes are applied always individually to each vehicle.
For only 250 euro surcharge the following modifications are made:
- The final translation is shortened over the chain sheet of 36 to 38 teeth, the speed ratio resulting from this harmoniert optimally with the engine.
- The stagnation pressure flap in the exhaust collecting tank is exchanged for a particularly formed copy, which prevents automatic reasoning with full load. The problem develops, because the exhaust elbow unions of the 2006er of model are thinner and thus the flow rate of the exhaust gases is higher. Against this risen load the return spring was too weakly dimensioned.
- The air cleaner flaps within the sucking in range are removed.
- Power COMM other is installed, it is available thereby by far more and better Mappings; Consumption, achievement development and quiet running are improved opposite the Serienmapping in all interests.
The customer can select at any time between the Mappings and steer thus the behaviour of its Diva individually.
The warranty remains natural despite this measure catalog in full Unfang.
For this kit we compute our customer
only 250 € surcharge to the vehicle sum!
If you already a Benelli your own call strike the kit with 650 € to beech."

I see also on italobikes peole are getting a power increase from around 120 to 130 hp with a power commander, lok in the post "pwer comm and other"
I would do a google search for i
"italobikes" then click on the translated version. there is a member called Marcuc who is very helpful in translating posting on the forum, join up a learn a bit more I did :). I will try to find the fairly recent posting I saw on there which mentioned the air flaps spring concerns.
Also I've heard there is a recall of weak starter motors? not sure for which bikes, and whether this is the 04/05 model one for fiting the revised starter drive gears.
Interesting to see the mod FaR do to the exhaust valve , bounce them a email and see what they have to offer, I here they are getting some fairly healthy power outputs.

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Hello, I have not understood that ago these participations for 250 euro? E' a technician? Excuse but I do not succeed very translate English from the Italian

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the 250 Euro are the oncost if you buy a TNT at FAR. According to FAR the original mapping is not optimized for the european region. They correct this with another map on a Power Commander. Additionally they modify the exhaust flap (don't know how) as some owners report that the exhaust flap closes at high speed on the motorway due to the dynamic gas pressure.

As the PC itself is for 300 Euro it is a good deal but it means that you buy a TNT at the same time. Concerning warrenty I assume that this applies also only to bikes maintained by FAR.

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