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well its finally happened the tnt was delivered back from the dealer who was supposed to try and sort out
the problems also it first service at 500 miles approx
took it out on the following morning .
Had done 40 miles pulled up lights engine died/cut out
would not start again so lucky it was close to home
faults still on bike
rear shock damping useless
engine cutting out /wont start ,symptoms like a dead battery leave it for about half hour when cooled down will just about start
rear brake squeal
also bad corrosion on engine cases and rear exhaust generally starting to look scruffy [ bike is kept in dry garage with covers does not go out in the rain ]
build quality is not good
so it looks like its time to start the legal process for recovering the money I paid for this lemon
I will keep you updated on what happens

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Re: TNT Faults

What he said! Best of luck.

This is really breaking my heart that Benelli is not keeping up.

:\ :\

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TNT Failure


Very sorry to hear of these problems.

Reading your comment brings on the sense of de ja vu big time! It brings back bad memories of my experiences with my Tre.

What I can not figure, is why some people think that these types of experiences are acceptable and part of the price you pay for owning an Italian motorcycle. My experiences with the Aprilia RSVR are so, so different..........a welcome change in fact.

Good luck with getting your money back.............that's what I would push for, not more of the same!

I wonder how other owners are getting on? Comments anybody?! Would anyone recommend buying a TNT (apart from dealers please)?!


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Re: TNT Failure

Although, I have not gone through what some of you have, I can sympathize with you. I hope that the problems get worked out or all the time we've invested in this forum will be for naught if they're not around in a year. :(

I have had several RSVR's in the last 4 years and can say that it is an awesome motorcycle. I knew it the first time I sat on one and rode it. I would not hesitate to buy another one.

Best of luck.

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Hello Hello

I have to say :

"same player, shoot again ... " |I

On my side, following the destruction of the RS I finally bought this :

<img border=0 src="" />

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Re: Hello Hello and Hello Hello to you!

Crimson! Your'e still around!! Good to hear from you again. I have to say that you change bikes like I change underwear! :)

So are you going to be the first in line when the first Mondial Piega rolls off the assembly line next year?

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Mondial ... I don't play football sorry


Hello Roland ... I will make my way with the Raptor for a while. I already upgraded it with few carbon parts, removing turn lights (allowed in Swizerland yes yes) and mirrors. Next step will be a pair of Arrow Race Tech titanium and Braking Wave disks (already ordered). This winter I also have to work to adapt Ohlins shock HRCS and later I will add Ohlins fork and Marchesini 10 spokes wheels. Enough to makes me happy ... :smokin

Forget about the Mondial, this thing seems to be more home made bike than factory developped machinery and by the way the style looks ugly.

I have my F4 Corsa to set up and when the swiss cops will calm down and I little bit more money I will buy again a sweet MV Agusta ...

As soon as I get pics I will post them ... thanks for your work Roland, by the way I will follow the forum, not to destroy opinions of other people but to enjoy to speak about italian bikes with everybody here ...
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