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I have been browsing your site to see if faults are conmmon on Benellis ,it seems they are
I purchased a TNT as soon as one was availible as i really liked the look of the bike:) .
within a couple hundred miles the rear shock blew its oil all over the rear wheel also losing all damping action making bike
dangerously unrideable
the rear shock was changed
also front headlamp is melting on the inside from day one
a cutting out problem
a engine rattle
rear brake squelling like a pig
corrosion on engine casings
now at 520 miles the bikes rear shock has yet again failed
and bike has been at dealers now for 10 days also trying to get other problems sorted>:
I would apprecate any thought on this as it is getting to the stage where I considering legal action to get a refund on the bike
Thanks for any input

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welcome to the Benelli World of Wonders :smokin

I guess, just as with the Tornado, it will take some time for those initial faults to get resolved, and some of them will remain even in newer bikes. The melting of the headlight i also already read about in a magazine where they tested the TNT, their demo model also had that problem.

Thats the drawback of getting something new, with a low production volume, from a factory which does not seem to have the means or will to test things thouroughly. I hope for you things get resolved asap.

BTW could you give a full list of problems you have had and if and when and how they got resolved? Might be interesting for other TNT owners to share their issues.

BTW2: Moderator, maybe make a TNT subforum? ;)

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Welcome Thing!
I am so sorry you're having problems with the TNT. :(
Seems it has some teething problems. I have faith that they'll sort it out though. Hang in there! Lot's of good guys here, we hope that you find them a useful resource.

Irfuel..good idea. Now that you've mentioned it. I'll get on it right away.

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Hi Thing,

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

As far as legal rights are concerned you must act ASAP.
Read up the "sales and services of goods act 1979" - you are entitled to either a replacement or an unconditional refund (the choice is yours, but I know what I did:) , this of course is applicable to the "fit for purpose" clause stated in the act.
You also have statutory rights which may have been infringed.

Hope you get it sorted.

PS> This is UK law, so if your elsewhere seek advice locally.

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tnt faults

been thinking of trading up from a 99 speed triple to either an 05 s3 or a tnt, after reading this think i will settle for the triumph.

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I guess if you live in England and the Triumph bike & parts are cheaper then it is definately a reason to consider it but all I can say is "take the TNT for a spin", I've been riding ours for the last couple of months, nothing has gone wrong with it and it is farking awesome to ride !!!!!!

Over & out.

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tnt faults

thats good to hear. it would be interesting to know which dealer thing bought from.been phoning round dealers and they all say that the faults have been cured.

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TNT colour problem

I've just wanted to buy a TNT and wanted a black one.
None were available down here in Australia so a dealer in Melbourne offered to have it resprayed to as new factory or better. Black is best! I also added a small pair of kangaroo-scarers under the headlight to ensure I got back to Adelaide in one piece. The run-home was over 800km of torrential rain and gale-force head/side-winds.
No problems! I love this bike! It's my 19th and probably my last! Unless Benelli can make something that looks as good and goes even better. I'm surprised that the engine starts first jab, the rear shocker hasn't blown and the other long list of woes hasn't happened, not yet anyway. The only thing of note is an oil weep which will be fixed at the upcoming service.

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it wasn't a weep

I found that it wasn't a weeping gasket, but a case of my topping the oil to just over the top oil level.
this is a no-no for the TNT!
otherwise the excess oil goes up into the air filter box and can drip onto the back of the motor, giving the impression of an oil weep!
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