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Check these goodies for TnT:

Belly pants,rear cone,exhaust and more:

Front and rear fenders:

Crash protection:

Ergal parts and radiator(!?)

Rear Cone:

Saddles & tank covers

I received rear cone and belly pans from maniacmotors, fine paint job, nice fitting.You can trust them for buying.

Also the gsg crash pads are life savers and worth every penny!(I did a very good crash test,saved my a** last summer.Ha!). :smokin
You can also trust them for buying.
From the rest I haven't try buying anything (No money left ha ha) :rollin
I'll post pics, cheers.

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TnT goodies

Thanks man, that stuff looks fantastic! I'm gunna get one of those rear seat cowls and I'm going to make one of the exhaust mid sections so I can fit Tornado footpegs & brackets.
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