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just got my new headlamp protector for my sport
from Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors.
have'nt put it on yet but the pic is in the gallery,looks good.the site cost $56 plus postage about $70.
drekka have you got your's yet

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Yeup got mine too ! Photos HERE !

My review:

The head light protector from AMHP came in a big box, with plenty of wrapping to protect it. Inside was a large plastic bag containing the protector, velcro pads for attaching it and an alcohol swipe for cleaning the headlight. A very clear set of instructions was printed on the back of the cardboard used to close the bag.

Once out the of the bag the protector proved to be of very good quality, despite this being the first they have made. The acrylic was well finished with all edges being smoothed over. In addition two line are printed across the front (apart from looking good I have no idea why) and a small AMHP logo on the side.

Testing it against the head light of the TNT it proved a very good match. Whoever did the moulding and cutting of the shape did an excellent job.

At first I thought the velcro attachment pads would be the standard sort of pads you can buy from any hardware store. On closer look they proved to be better than that. Instead of the usual thin bit of double sided tape on the back they had what appears to be some sort of silicon glue, about 0.5mm or so in thickness. This is a great idea as it means that the protector and headlight surfaces don't have to be perfectly parallel in order to get a good connection for the velcro. The glue is quite spongy and will easily accomodate a not quite flat surface. In addition to this, the velcro itself looks like it will handle the weather better than the standard stuff.

In all, I'd say the quality of this kit is very good.

So on to attaching it. I first cleaned down the headlight using the supplied swipe. I then carefully held up the protector and worked out where I'd put the velcro pads. I peeled off one side of the pads and attached them to the headlight. Then it was a simple matter of peeling of the other side and carefully - very carefully - moving the protector into place and pressing it firmly to the headlight so that the pads got a good gripe. before pressing it down I had to slightly adjust the protector on one pad and with slowly and carefully lifting I was able to unstick the area of the pad which was on the protector and reposition.

Over all the protector looks like it came with the bike and is quite painless (As long as you don't rush) to put on. For AUD$56, it's well worth the peace of mind.

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