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I'm looking into buying a Benelli the TNT 06 model. This bike is dynamite. I'm really impressed with the engine and it's handling. However before I committ with the dosh I would like some feedback from this board from present and past owners of Benelli Motorbikes especially if they're TNT owners. You see Benelli is really quite an unknown quantity for me. Here are some of my questions.

1/. Why has Benelli motorcycles been so appealing to you?
2/. What are the pitfalls of owning a Benelli TNT?
3/. What's Benelli's record on warranty issues?
4/ Does Benelli provide reasonable backup and service on parts and accessories?
5/. Would you recommend that I buy the TNT '06?
6/. How reliable is the TNT?

The only real issue I found with the TNT after a test ride was the quality of finish with the electrical wiring and connectors. For a $AUS22,000+ motorbike I expected better. A lot of it is exposed to the elements which could be asking for trouble if you ride everyday especially in the wet and would quickly deteriate resulting in electrical headaches. The dealer, here in Perth Australia, told me that Benelli has resolved this issue in the '06 TNT models. Is this true?

Also I've heard that there is a problem with hot engine starts with the TNT's. Once again the dealer informed me that this has also been sorted in '06 models. What do you know about this?

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06 benelli TnT

Basically the 06 made TnT are quite a bit better than the earlier 04/05 er's, the starter motors are fitted with a higher gear ration for easier starting, better ecu mapping and better finish etc, I would recommend getting the Sport over the base TnT is you can afford it as its a better package suspension wise, the standard TnT suspension could be better fitted with adjustment, while the TnT Sport has fully adjustable suspension front and rear, plus you get the radial brakes, although the stock ones do a bloody good job too,

I dont know if you the bloke who took the bike in RG's for a ride the other week and had it stop on them? you can fix the faults on the earlier with the factory upgrade bits/kits, but just get a 06 and be done with it, MadWog on this forum is the only other Aussie TnT sport owner that i know off, although there is others they havent shown themselves on this forum. Chrismac is a standard TnT owner on this forum and is based in Adelaide I believe so speak to them from a TnT owners perspective, I believe madwog is rapped with his :D

For benelli owner in WA as far as i know only Myself, Vince and Daniel have them, all tornado's my RS and the other two are the smick green silver Tornado's. You may have seen the poster I put up down at RG's advertising this forum?.
My RS is currently done there getting fixed after falling over in the driveway.

Besides I can make up a improved starting loom for you paid in Beer like Ive done for us 3 and I have the cable to play with the ecu mapping if you buy the Tuneboy ecu software

Put it this way, the parts will usually take a bit longer to get here than a japper, but a TnT is unique, and rare, all italian bikes has niggles, even mv and Aprilia's but with the new owners pouring millions into the factory and quality getting better all the time plus the factory's listening to owners and acting on the feedback I'd say go for it,
the 06er's have the coolling hassles fixed with the new fans etc.
I'm keen to get a Sport in the near future, but i dont wont to sell the RS so Its a bit further away than if i do sell the rs,

Join the club and we can swap bikes.;)

We also have errols web page for heaps of tech info, some devoted TnT owners in the UK for tech tips plus the Oz Benelli manager active on this forum.

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Thanks for your comments.

Yeah I'm the guy who went into RG's last Monday to test ride the TNT. 20mins into my ride it abruptly cut-out on me and wouldn't restart. Prior to that I was so impressed that I was going to place an order with RG. Now I'm not so sure!

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I dont know why they dont upgrade it, I think its either the battery problem, some 04 had really crap chinese batteries fitted as the factory was closing up with the old owner and they were cutting costs everywhere, mine died after a few days, dropped a cell, i bought a new one and have never had a problem. although a 06er should'nt have that issue, or it could be the hot start, was the bike running hot just before it shut down? if so thats the ecu cutting in before the bike suffers any heat problems, rectified now. with the external fan re-positioning. apparently if happened a few times to that bike.

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The fans were blowing at the time. I was pulling away to make a turn when it suddenly died and nearly dropped the bike. As instructed by RG I waited 15mins to allow the bike to cool and tried to restart to no avail. Dash indicated low battery. In the end RG sent a van to pick it up.

Next time I was at RG to test ride the MV Augusta Brutale 750 they told me they recharged the battery and it fired straight away.

By the way I prefered the TNT to the Brutale.

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G'day joe,
Madwog here.i'm so glad that i went for the tnt sports,it's a great weapon:D .to your questions

1/ everything about it look good,the style,stance,:eek it's different to anything else.i test road an 05, and then ordered one straight away. mines a sport and the black with red frame
is Phat..

2/ for pitfalls i don't have any.not yet,oh yeah the pipe thats it, i'll be changing that.still shoping for one.

3/ warranty 24 months unlimited km.

4/ i know that the importer here will have the parts and accessories very there shoulden't be any prob's

5/ I would recommend that you should buy one,the sport if you can,but the basic model is still a great matter what, you will have a ball on it every time you ride it,i do:rollin :rollin

6/ i've had mine only for 2 months,but everything is fine for now.(touch wood:) ).I know they have fixed the fan problem and it's much more quieter,and the starter motor has been
upgraded in the gearing, i've had no problems with it stopping
cause it hot and not starting,it's all good:D :rollin .

the great thing is that when you have it out and parked,everyone loves it,great comments on how it looks and how different it is to any other makes you :D .

i test road an aprilla and i prefered the tnt.
the quality of the finish and the electrical wiring is much better on the 06.

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hellou !! i have cafe racer -06 ..yesterday it was 10000km service and so far benelli is working GREAT !! few track day and lot of fun on street ... only two times i have been hot starting proplem i wait maximum 2 minutes and benelli start again... in my bike it"s not big problem. i don`t know is finnland more cooler than southern countries so hot starting it"s not so big proplem in here ??? what can i say................benelli TNT RULES :eek 8o :b :lol :rollin
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