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I had previously given serious thought to trading in my unreliable Tornado for a TNT, in the hope that, after the best part of 2 years, Benelli would have learned from the issues with the Tornado and made the necessary improvements.

Judging by Wayne's comments (in General Discussion forum under TNT Faults) there are some worrying concerns. By the way, I am very sorry to hear these comments............what a shame another owner has a potential nightmare...

I quote:

TNT Faults

i) within a couple hundred miles the rear shock blew its oil all over the rear wheel also losing all damping action making bike
dangerously unrideable
the rear shock was changed
ii) also front headlamp is melting on the inside from day one
iii) a cutting out problem
iv) a engine rattle
v) rear brake squealing like a pig
vi) corrosion on engine casings
vii) now at 520 miles the bikes rear shock has yet again failed
and bike has been at dealers now for 10 days also trying to get other problems sorted
I would appreciate any thought on this as it is getting to the stage where I considering legal action to get a refund on the bike

Wayne, you may well have a case for a complete refund, but based on my experience, the sooner you move the better. The dealer (who supplied your bike by the way?) may offer a replacement initially.

If you have your own home, then you may well find that you have legal cover within your Home Contents Policy for a case such as this. Otherwise you will gave to cough up a few hundred pounds for a solicitors time......but that could be a small price to pay over the longer term (if the TNT sadly goes the same way as the Tornado).

Good luck on getting things sorted Wayne

What about other TNT owners, is your bike heaven or hell??


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Hi Sonic

you posted "(if the TNT sadly goes the same way as the Tornado)."

Is there anything that we Tornado owners should know about??????? Please share.

BTW: Mine has now done 10000 Kms and the clutch has just started to rattle again, so I am fearing the worst.

It seems to develop this same problem at roughly every 3000 kms.

I have taken it in to a service dealer who will pull it apart this week. Will keep you posted on what transpires.
I am concerned as in 7 months the warranty will expire and what then?

Roland, Nick how are your toys?


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From the other side 749 dark!

Hi Tax

The new toy is just great. Still only done about 300 miles, so still running in. Early indications are however very positive! Fantastic engine, which revs very easily, pulls well, and starts on the button every time!!!!!!!

The build quality by comparison to the TRE is far superior, an all together quality product. I've spent a bit of cash personalising her ( various bits of carbon, a white number board, clear indicators etc) and would post a picture here if I knew how?

I was sad to trade the TRE, but actually quite relieved to have moved on, to a brand which has fantastic factory and dealer support, massive availability of spares / accessories, and a very good UK forum at take a look

Good luck out there8)
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