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Well I just ran my TNT on the dyno, 146.3 hp, it was too rich, if I can lean it out, I think I can get another 4 hp.

My mods.....

Tornado RS inlet cam (standard timing marks).
Intake area of airbox intake enlarged by 50%.
Restrictors removed from bottom of header pipes (one spot weld holds them in).
2 1/4 race muffler.
Airbox intake flaps removed.
And an ECU map to suit.

This was done with standard 91 octane fuel, I think changing to 98 octane premium fuel will take me to the 150 hp as it will hopefully lean out the air/fuel to the correct ratio :D

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Sounds good to me Johnny 0,

Could you answerer a couple of questions please,

1) What made you change the inlet cam?
2) What system do you use to custom remap.

At present I am replacing the main battery/starter wiring fitting additional radiator fans and modifying the air box and was about to order a power commander.
have you looked into the AKrapovic system.

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TNT mods

I changed the inlet cam because the TNT has so much low rpm power, I knew that fitting a cam with more lift & duration would 'rob Peter to pay Paul' and take some of that low down and give more up top, I knew the RS had more lift & duration; the Tornado has even more duration but less lift than the RS, fitting the Tornado cam would shift the power too high and I'd be hitting the rev limiter all the time.

I couldn't get a Power Commander, I got Benelli to guess a map that they thought I would use with all the mods, I even got an extra 1000 rpm added to the rev limit but if it goes bang, no warranty.

I also fitted Tornado trumpets...... more top end.

I use a locally made 'Megacycle' muffler, they sponsor me, plus they look after all the race guys very well. They prepare all their pipes on their dyno.

I am racing this weekend in our State Championships; I am running in the BEARS, Thunderbikes (singles, twins & triples) and the Superbike class :eek

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tnt steering damper

johny o,
what steering damper are you using?
best of luck for the weekend.

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TNT racing

I've actually set the bike up to Cafe Racer spec with Tornado forks & triple clamps and RS rear shock; so the mounts were there to fit an adjustable Benelli Sport damper.

The TNT frame has a mount for a steering damper, I'm sure it would be easy to make a Tornado damper fit.

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Re: TNT mods

Hey Johnny 0, where did you open up the air box? have taken the tank off to replace cables and open up the air box very worried by the amount of gritty sh*t that has bypassed the foam filter (can see oily dust inside the trumpets and on the throttle butterflies) the filter is a very poor fit sandwiched between the 2 plastic grids. I wondered if we could do away with the air box filter and fit K&N filters externally or even on the trumpets themselves?..... Those air flaps also confuse me are they there just for emissions can’t think why else the air would want to be restricted………….. My power valve cable snapped down by the exhaust, so I am making up a new inner. Finally something I noticed was the joint on the clip that holds the breather hose to the airbox was rubbing into the petrol tank, I have spun it round now but scary if I hadn’t noticed it.
Any comments or pictures of your mods would be great.
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