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Hello everyone,

I´ve been lurking around this forum for quite some time, as I found some proper information here. Good on you guys!

Here´s my problem I have been experiencing with our TNT the last days.

The bike is a 05 TNT Sport, has had the outer fan mods, 2004 ignition map (ran fine with it before).

My buddy who owns the bike came back from a ride and just before he put the bike back in the garage, it dropped a cylinder. I like 2 cylinders, only if they´re built as 2 cylinders though.

So we took the bike apart and found one spark coil (1st cylinder - right one) being malfunctional. Swapped it with a new one and put everything back together. We took the bike around the block to check what was going on. It was running on 3 cylinders, but it was misfiring steadily. So something seemed to be terribly wrong. Took the whole thing apart again and believe it or not, the spark coil in the 3rd (left) cylinder broke apart. The lower part was sitting in the cylinder tube while I held the upper part of the coil in my hands. Long story short, we removed the broken off part and bought another spark coil.

Today I took the bike for a short spin. It ran on 3 cylinders, all fine so far. It sounded a little more rough than ever before at lower RPM. In addition to that, the idle RPM was acting a little crazy, going from 1200 rpm to 3000 rpm.

I rode a few km when I met some friends. Aside from the TNT spilling coolant water underneath it when it got hot (topped it up before I rode it), all seemed to be quite ok.

An hour later I rode home, 3kms. Slowing down approaching traffic lights, the TNT misfired a couple of times. When I engaged the clutch and rode around the upcoming corner, it dropped a cylinder and ran on two cylinders again.

I switched it off and put it in the garage to try again after a short wait. Still, only 2 cylinders.

So seemingly, something is killing my spark coils. I believe that dropping the cylinders and killing the coils is just a symptom for a problem, that I didn´t see yet.

Does anyone have a suggestion where to start looking?
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