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Have now done just over 300 miles on the new bike. Inpressions & problems so far -

Have fitted the tank protector - looks great - thanks Laurence !

Did 130 miles yesterday with basic oil in it to allow for better bedding in. (A local racer reckoned he could get an additonal 5-10bhp out of his Fireblades by running in on B&Q's finest but changing it regularly for the first 600 miles.) Drained the oil when I got home. No gremilins or swarf this time. Refilled with the basic stuff and off out again later.

Bike is as sweet as a nut over 5k revs ( I know......!! can't resist it ...I'm not labouring it honest !!) Sounds awesome

Still got the flat spot at low revs but seems to be more TPS related and not rev specific....seem to get the 'buzz' at any revs under 5000 when the throttle is opened slightly. Over 5k it picks up and goes really well.

Developed an intermittent fault with the indicator warning light yesterday. Indicators work ok but the green warning light works when it feels like it. Sometines OK, sometimes barely visible, sometimes not at all. The light is fine at the start up diagnostic cycle so gawd knows where the fault is !

Throttle cable - far too much play....

Screen bubbling problems...

Masking around rear light was a bit off when they painted the tail piece...have got small irregular shaped black bits on either side of the lens.

Still happy with it at the moment . Have notified TAZ of the problems this morning and they have told me to log em all and discuss with the 'Service Technician' (what ever happened to good old mechanics?)

Off out now to do another 100 miles...keep ya posted.

Dave H
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