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For all you guys who like to do track days on your Tornado's; and I'm speaking as one who doesn't....;) ; it may be as well to remove the sidestand, bypassing the cutout switch of course, (otherwise it won't start:rolling:), before you go out on track.
I haven't studied the feasability of doing that, but the reason is that if you bin it, and it falls on the nearside, the stand in it's folded position takes some of the weight of the bike as it falls, creating leverage at the point on the cast alloy section of the frame where the stand bolts on, causing the casting to fracture just above the stand fixing bolts. Game over; write-off. There have been pics on the forum before, of another Tornado which suffered the same fracture, some of you may remember. I think it may have been in Germany, or somewhere like that;) , and the owner was trying to flog it off for about E2000, whilst playing down it's problems. It seems to be a(nother) weak point, possibly:confused:
Just a thought...


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