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Im gonna be selling my Red Tre in the next coming week or two to make way for a new '06 red RS from either Taz or KJM.

Its got all the usual from a tre of its year. Some extra too, I brought a Benelli Arrow Titanium 'e' marked race can. Carbon front and Rear mudguards & I have a few spare plastics that I brought from ebay at a good price (saw it as a good investment). Of course I also have all the std parts inc exhaust.

It running 40% worn Pirelli Dragon Corsa Evo's SC1 front SC2 Rear tyres. Just had its 6k service with a 6034 map installed. The current mileage is approx 6500 miles.

I've also replaced the cluch basket which was a faulty item on the '03/04's. You can read my previous posts, I'm not hiding anything you can literally check everything on here.

I've got every bit of service history, recall work etc for the bike. Theres 1 previous lady owner before myself who owned since new in July '03. I've owned her since Oct '05. My new job kinda sucks a little until I get settled so I'll sell her and get my new one within 6-8 weeks.

Only bad points are the day I got the bike it fell over outside my father in law's. I replaced all the damaged parts (left bar end, lever) but the leftside top fairing still has some very minor scuffs, its hard to see them but Im being picky. Also the left wingmirror has been cracked at the base. It works and looks fine but you can see it. I can take specific pics of any parts if your interested and are travelling some distance.

Other than that you can expect the usual minor wear from a bike of its year and mileage but its in my opinion in very good condition.

I'll at the first chance take some pics of her and I'll post them. Any questions either send a post or email me at [email protected]

Im of course open to offers but am looking at taking in the region of £3800 with everything included

Erm think thats it - cheers people

Dean :D

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Just to let anyone who saw the advert know (not that anyone noticed it I dont think :\ ) I've now sold my benelli

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