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Hi guys I have been looking at your forum for the last few days to try and make up my mind weather to got a tre I have been offerd one for good deal my 99 r1 + £2000 so about £5500 it is the LE 2002 1500 miles with all the carbon stuff and all the trick bits it looks stunning my head says NO but when I look at it I just want it.
What do you guys think was 02 a good year for them will i have lots of problems with it


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Think of it as a relationship with women, the only things these bikes have in common are that they came from the same factory.

Apart from the usual stuff listed like cannot find neutral at the traffic lights etc these bikes are quirky in that no two bikes demonstrate the same issues at the same times.

In Australia I forked out around $33,000 for the base model tre and then spent another $3500 on sports silencer, carbon fibre kit and WSB race shield.

This would be equal to around 15,600 GBP or around 27,000 USD,

So it looks like you may have a steal on a bike that was selling in Australia for nearly 53,000 USD.

Ride it, check it out and go for it.

Will it break your heart, somedays it will some days it will thrill your heart to bits, overall it will depend on how weak or strong one's heart is.

At the price and mileage quoted it is a steal.

Good luck with your decision.


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Go for it , at that price you would be a fool not too. All the known problems, and probably a few more to boot, a real pig to ride on the road, but with a box full of sprockets and ride height adjustments, all that carbon, ohlins, bugger i am drooling!
Its what proper italian exotica is all about. If you get it but don't like it let me know, i think that an LE would convince even me to continue with my Benelli ownership

Regards Keith

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I've owned my LE for a bout a month now and paid alot more and i'm very happy with it . Go for5 it mate thats a bargain! I'd buy it as a spare :rollin
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