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Firstly, hi! New to the forum, and to Benelli, but hoping to stay around if I do get the bike I'm looking at.

I love the look of the 502X, and the higher position just appeals more as my all time best bike was a Honda Transalp that I probably had more fun on than any of the sports bikes I had over the years. BUT, I want to be able to easily source hard luggage and the X's high can makes that a problem if you don't sacrifice volume in one of the boxes.

I was looking at some pictures of the 2 bikes together and it suddenly occurred to me that probably the only things stopping an exhaust swap are the centre stand and (perhaps) the skid plate. All the mounting points seem to be there on the X already and if I went for an aftermarket system there wouldn't be the bulk of the original 502 one and I could choose a setup with an upward slanted can to clear the stand. There look to be a couple of extra mounting points for the 502 exhaust, but again an aftermarket system won't need at least 2 of them if I'm right. Anything else could easily be fab'd.

Normally I'd just jump on the motorway and head down to Swansea to see them side-by-side, but that really wouldn't count as an essential journey and I don't want to fall foul of the lockdown rules, even if I could persuade the dealer to let me look at the bikes. I'm getting itchy for a new bike and would rather have one delivered to me than wait (potentially) months before I can go shopping.

So, has anyone here tried this, or is able to look at a pair of them together?

A few pictures to show what I'm thinking:

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