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I'm sure I read somewhere that the ECUs can go down on some of these newer models too.
I had one misfire while riding and the check engine light came on, I went to the dealership where they ran a diagnostic and found a MAP sensor error which they cleaned, and said if the problem persisted I might need to replace the sensor. To be honest, I was not very impressed by their answer or work ethic, they ran only diagnostics without checking plugs and so on. A few other reasons I can think of are bad fuel. I did not put a stabilizer in my fuel, and I did not ride the bike for a few months, but I did not have a problem with the same fuel last week, I rode about 200km. The day I had the misfire I refueled with fresh fuel, and I splashed a bit outside the filler and maybe some dirt/dust came in, not sure. After the MAP sensor reset, I refueled with higher-quality performance fuel but did not have the chance to properly test the bike, I had one misfire with a check engine flash on the way out of the station. Tomorrow I will test the bike further and try to change the spark plugs.
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