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According to some brochures i recieved from John yesterday;)
Heres my interpretation of whats what :D

a base 1130 with marzocchi 50mm forks and rs spec extremetech rear suspension, wet slipper clutch as normal tre and the standard gravity moulded tre wheels and plastic fenders.
Colours, Black silver and maybe the silver green

a 1130cc tornado, maybe to be called the RS, or a order only option?

This baby has
magnesium sump
dry clutch, looks to be a STM evoluzione one, Marchesini forged CNC machined wheels, replacing the 900RS OZ items.
43mm Ohlins forks and ohlins rear, probably with both high and low as the base 1130 has this too, carbon fibre fender both ends

I know STM do a evoluzione slipper clutch for the 900's and this is a wet unit, I guess the dry system has the casing not drilled to allow the sump oil to enter the clutch housing, but i think the STM is a lot lighter than the stock slipper unit?

Both 1130 tornado runs thicker tubing in the frame over the 900, apparently 0.5mm thicker and Iwould assume and the motors are essentially TnT from the cylinders down they incorporate the revised TnT starter gearing, not sure if the radiator are different over a 900 item, (more cores, slightly larger), hopefully they fitted thicker battery calbes to these bigger engined Tornados, guess we have to wait and see.

Both 1130 tornado have red painted tubes on the frame, look very nice and as far a I have seen the higher spec one (RS?) has the orange and black paint job, i must say the colour contrast on the air intake scoops looks very nice on both bikes and the silver green revised colour combo looks very swish:rollin .

Seat material appears a lighter grey colour.

It will be interesting to see the tested difference in the operation of the 43mm ohlins forks over the 50mm marzocchi's.
I love my suspension on the RS all round

Price, I've seen on the web here in OZ the following prices for the 06 bikes, decent reductions across the board, which is already interesting riders here in Perth in maybe getting one

2006 pricing is
base TnT $21,990 4 k price drop
Cafe Racer $22,990 new model
TnT Sport $23,990 1000 cheaper than the base sport of a year ago!!

the 1134cc Tornado with RS spec running gear is $24,990, so you now get 165HP versus the base 135hp (crank figures) radial brakes and carbon bodywork etc etc for 6 grand less than a 03 or 04 base Tre.

I guess this new ohlins eqipped model will be at least 3K more expensive, but if it comes in cheaper than a Aprilia Factory / 999 S its goes to be a winner.

Seriously the big tornado will be awesome on the street, that TnT look's the @#%$ too:hat .
Good to see the new chinese owners pouring millions into R&D and more realistic pricing

Cant wait to see some english language tests on all the 06 models, if anyone comes across them please post, as i gather the UK press will be first off the blocks.

Jeez, longest post by me yet.:rollin
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