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at my official benelli dealer to pick up my recon water pump on thursday and was told that 3x m/cycles will cease to be uk benelli importer in the new year.
has anybody heard anything???

happy new year to all.

regards colin

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Importer ?

Yes,3X are pulling out as they are mightily peeved that Benelli were supplying cheap bikes to other dealers direct,I think DK M/Cycles being one.
3X will honour warranty claims until a new importer is found.
So far nobody had come forward,and I think Benelli may disappear from the UK.The bikes aren't selling in good numbers due to awful reliabillity problems.It seems TNT's conk out on every ride.
Was watching Bikes Aloud on Sky the other night and they tested the TNT against the MV Brutale.
They had 2 TNT's which both ended up in the back of a van when they conked out.Just terrible!!

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Re: Reddog

That's sad. I heard the same thing through the grapevine. Seems they're a bit peeved with Merloni and said that Benelli was the worst business decision for them in the history of the company. That's tough. I heard they have 60 Tornadoes gathering dust in the warehouse. :(

We wish them the best for 2005 and hope things get better for them.

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Hi Roland,

Happy New year!

What! - Benelli screw an importer....surely not :lol

Seriously though I do have a little sympathy for 3X but they kinda deserved each other IMHO.
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