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Hi everyone, please allow me to pick your brain... What would be some of the upgrades that I could do to my '05 Tre? I would like to:

- Better the front end suspension. Largely due to limitation of my riding ability, I'm having a little problem dialing in the front and rear to keep the bike stable under breaking. Should I consider stiffer spring or thicker oil for my stock Marzocchi fronts? Other solutions?

- Upgrade the US version exhaust. It currently has a nice Aarow can. But I've been told that I could gain at least 8 hp if I were to upgrade to a Leo Vince pipe and remap. Aside from the factory race can (which I've been told that ordering anything from Benelli facttory would require a long wait, so I seek alternatives,) any good alternative can? I remember reading somewhere that the Tre once was fitted with a Termignoni pipe. Regardless... what would be a sensible solution for exhaust upgrades?

Any other suggestions on upgrades? Some other smaller items, for both look and functionality, including: top triple clamp, rearsets (I still can't totally get use to those balls at the end of the footpeg)... etc.



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any decent machine shop should be able to turn up some ally pegs Toby, I was thinking of making some up myself here at the CSIRO workshops when xmas arrives. Good luck finding a exhaust, as far as i know only arrow made a can that is available only from the factory, they stopped suppliying Benellli ages ago, so I imagine the factory has stock of em. the only other supplier Ive ever found is Leo Vince, even Staintune here in Oz doesnt make one. I'm still intending to get the arrow Ti can from Johnny O once he returns my email regarding such ;) . Over xmas i intend to make up some pegs, rear plate bracket and exhaust bracket as I'm shelving the pillion pegs. Oh I think I'll go the power commander as soon as its available

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Marzocchi should have optional springs rates for the forks. Ive never been able to find out anything about Extreme tech, web page or anything !!??

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Re: suspension

Hi Guys,

I am running the Factory race can, I also got the forks tweaked by Terry Hay who used to do Krusty's bike and a lot of other racers in Sydney. He put in heavier springs (I think it comes set for a rider around the 75Kg mark)and thicker oil and set it up standard, I rode it out of his workshop and never had to go back as I thought it was good.

I have also got the WSB screen. Took of the rear pillion pegs. got a nice exhaust hanger made and upgraded both huggers to carbon fibre bits.

Johhny O had mentioned playing around with TnT inlet valves etc but he has never got back to us on this so if he does I will be looking to upgrade some internals.

Will also look at the PC when available , so let me know how it goes when you get one.

Also may try the Leo Vince pipe if and when I need the next change.

I dropped from the standard 190 rear dunlop to a Michelin Pilot Power 180 and it offered me improved handling in the corners.

Grinning this morning cos it is a fine sunny day in Sydney 30' and I got on the bike after 6 weeks and rode it in to work cos I couldn't wait till the weekend to take it out:D

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