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There is quite a difference of opinion regarding when the valve check needs to be done.

I had heard that a lot of dealers are adamant that they need done at the first Service (600 miles), so before I booked mine back in January 05, I contacted Benelli support direct.
They advised that although the Workshop Manual states 6,000 Kms (3,500 miles) the valves do not need to be checked until 10,000 Kms (6,000 miles)

When I contacted my local Dealer they advised that the first service is a full day job, at a cost of around £500 (including the valve check/adjustment)

They were not too pleased when I told them what I had been advised by Benelli as they claim that they have been advised differently.

I ended up telling them to leave the valve check and just do a regular service which they charged £210 for.

I'm now coming up for the 2nd service (3,600 miles) and I'm not sure what to do.

I guess the local dealer will want to do the valve check as they were not done at the first service but its still well short of what Benelli advised.

However, I feel that I'm better going with the Workshop manual which states that they should be done now.

Does anyone have any thoughts/recommendations on this???

What say you Johnny?

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i guess its normal to do a valve check at lets say 3000-4000km when the engine has been run in and has been put through quite some stress too (so not the "dont pass 6000rpm" run in period, but also quite some real-world usage) just to make sure everything is fine and within tolerances. After this has been done valve checks every 20.000km i guess
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